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We believe anyone can learn to code using interesting and practical challenges. That is why we create coding lessons that put play over theory. We get students to build things they can use right away.

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Web Fundamentals

This is an introductory course to web development where students learn about the basic build blocks of a web page. We go over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and how those elements work together in a modern web experience. No prior knowledge necessary, but curiosity about the web and how to make things is highly desirable.

Practical Programming for Makers

In addition to covering all of the ideas from the Web Fundamentals, this course takes a leap forward and teaches students to create a website using the most modern development tools, like React and Next.js. By the end of the course, students get a fully functional website that can be used to start a blog, a business, or a personal page.

Custom Courses

Are you looking for a deep dive on a specific coding challenge? Perhaps you want a crash course into AWS Lambda, or have someone guide you through application containarization? Maybe you need to understand Rust or learn Go in 45 minutes. Whatever it is, we got you covered.

Learn by doing

No more endless videos about loops and functions. Challenge yourself with real-life code from day.

Start with nothing, leave with a website that you own.

Why learn to code?

Our world is built on technology. It is in everything we do, and in everything we touch. It powers the systems around us, the gadgets that fill our days, it helps us move about and supplies the information we need. One thing makes all of that possible, code. Understanding how code works, means unlocking an understanding of the world. Writing code will be the single most important skills in our lifetime.

Sudden Schools will introduce you to what code is, how it works, and how to get started putting the pieces together to make things come alive. In addition, the students will learn various programming terms and concepts, and will gain an understanding of how websites function. By the end of the course, students will learn the basics of web development and be able to create their own website using the provided template.

Great for kids too!

Kids are infinite learners and can achieve great height, as long as they desire to do it. By introducing your kids to practical coding now, you can help them discover a passion that will enrich and engage them for a lifetime.

Latest from the blog

DNSimple, by far the best DNS hosting solution, will be offering discounts to Sudden Schools students. If you are currently enrolled as a student in a qualified institution and you are taking Sudden Schools Practical Programming course, you can now register your website for free for a year!