DNSimple to offer student discounts for Sudden Schools students.

DNSimple to offer student discounts for Sudden Schools students.

Wed Sep 16 2020 - by Kirill Zubovsky

I am super stoked to announce that DNSimple, by far the best DNS hosting solution, will be offering discounts to Sudden Schools students. If you are currently enrolled as a student in a qualified institution and you are taking Sudden Schools Practical Programming course, you can now register your website for free for a year!

Why is it so important to have a domain name?

Domain name is how you represent yourself on the internet. it is your online identity. It is how people find you, remember you, understand you, and interact with you. A Domain can even be used to validate your identity and update your friends when your identity changes. Personally, I own kirillzubovsky.com and my friends and followers know they always find my updated info on that page. You can read my blog, see what I am doing, and of course get in touch. So while you don’t need a domain to host your website, it makes a lot of sense to create a dedicate space for yourself that will be yours forever, or at least for as long as you are willing to pay for the domain name.

Why did we pick DNSimple for domain registration and management?

DNSimple and SuddenSchools are very similar in our missions to make complex web things simple. They are a small company that is laser focused on making a very complicated process of domain registration and management accessible. Their technology is top notch, and they take care of the DNSimple employees. All-in-all, its just made a lot of sense to work with a company can both deliver highest quality products, and be humble and nimble in their approach.

You can learn more about DNSimple in this podcast episode with Anthony Eden and Kirill Zubovsky.

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If you are not yet a SuddenSchools student, I encourage you to sign up and start learning. However, not everyone has the time and desire to build a website right away. If you simply want to learn more about DNS and how the internet works, check out How HTTPS works and How DNS works cartoon series. You will learn a great deal, it is free, and it is fun.

p.s. If you are not enrolled as a student, you can get a discount by following this link.

-Kirill Zubovsky