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DNSimple, by far the best DNS hosting solution, will be offering discounts to Sudden Schools students. If you are currently enrolled as a student in a qualified institution and you are taking Sudden Schools Practical Programming course, you can now register your website for free for a year!

Asking questions is a life skill that can be learned and improved at any point in life, whether you are 5 or 55 years old. Very often, starting as early as in preschool, we are taught to ask questions wrong! How so, and what is the better way to ask questions then?

Whether you are an experienced React developer, coming from other frameworks like Vue.js or Gatsby, or you have spent most of your time in other languages like Python, PHP or Ruby, you will inevitably wonder if working with Next is worth it. Should you put energy into Next, or wait for something better?

If Ruby on Rails is your gem, there are good reasons to learn React and Next.js with it. Speed of development and decoupling of your application are some of them. Sudden Schools runs on Next and we love it. This blog post explains why.